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Road to the 2014 Cannabis Cup: 20 Strains in 20 Days

Day 12 seen 3 strains.

First Draft Pick was DO Harlequinn which I thought was a cool little light buzz. Turns out she was a creep and almost knocked me on the couch after breakfast. The Second Pick of the day was R1 Chem Dawg. That was some straight up Dank! It smelled potent and the nuggs were dense and sticky. I’m sure it’s one of the strains I copped on Day 8. I was quite impressed. Next came the curve ball is the form Purple Kush. I went to the auto show and let My bro pick from the draft bag. Pungent, sticky, sweet, dank buds! I truly enjoyed it. Enjoyed it so much that My midnight joint put me in that Kush Coma. I woke at 4:26 am on the couch and still high.

Road to the 2014 Cannabis Cup: Day 10 and 11

This was a much harder task than I ever anticipated. Don’t get Me Wrong, the smoking part is fairly easy. The documentation is the harder than I anticipated. First problem is I’m No Writer. Secondly I’m smoking High Potency Marijuana which although a major catalyst for thought and idea creation, it’s Definitely Not a Stimulus to My pen. Next problem is this Tumblr phone app that deletes what I write if I accidentally hit the # before saving. I lost My whole Day 6, 7, 8, beginning of 9 condensed entry. So Lemon Skunk and New Acquisitions Day 8 was lost, as well as Cotton Candy Kush knocking me out for the count with one joint!

Day 10 and I’m blowing this Afghan White from DO on day 8! I’m not nearly as impressed as I was with that Cotton Candy Kush of yesterday.

Day 11 has arrived and Flo & Sour Kush has been the flavor.

Road to the Cannabis Cup 2014: 20 Strains in 20 Days

The Saga Continues - Day 7

This has been a disaster of epic proportions. At least in the documentation aspect. What should have been a simple 1 New strain a day for 20 days has morphed into an fiasco. On Day 6, I went t Doctor’s Orders and Reserve 1. I picked up some Durban Noison, Harlequinn, and Lemon Skunk from DO. I picked up Jack Flash, Alien Dog, Purple Haze, Prophet, Sensi Star, and Citrus Haze from R1!

My process has become the brown bag blind pick method. Whatever I pull out are the flavors of the day! Yesterday was Orange Diesel and Citrus Haze, today was Lavender Jones and Durban Noison! (Although I started out with a J of Jet Fuel pre and post workout)
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